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Ladies and gentleman,

Ładziński Group is a family business constituted of:

  • PROKOSTAL-ŁADZIŃSKI SP. Z O.O., SP.K – constructions of machines and conveyors for the mining industry and special carriages for the rail industry,
  • ŁADZIŃSKI ZAKŁADY METALOWE – steel welded constructions (building and energy industries),
  • ŁADZIŃSKI PRODUKCJA SPECJALISTYCZNYCH POJAZDÓW – Light rescue and firefighting vehicles, aluminium structures/bodies for firefighting vehicles

Since 1974, as a manufacturer of steel structures, we developed our strong market position in the metal industry, and we specialize in the production of:

  • System for mining and crushing materials
  • System for transport and storage of loose materials
  • Retractable platforms for railway
  • Aluminium bodies for fire engines

quirements of our customers, we have worked with design offices to enable us to calculate, design and construct mechanical equipment. We have the capability  to realize  the entire production process – from the cutting and preparation of materials, welding and machining, to assembly and painting.

To satisfy the reThe quality of our products and reliability of our company have confirmed a long-term and fruitful cooperation with partners from Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, England, France and Belgium.

Since 2008, our company complies to processes in accordance with the quality system ISO 9001:2015 granted by DEKRA. In the field of welding Ładziński Group is certified to DIN EN ISO 3834-2, DIN EN ISO1090 Class 3 (DIN 18800-7, class E), granted by the Welding Institute in Halle, which confirms the highest quality of our products. With these certifications, we can produce static and dynamic constructions, such as steel bridges, cranes, excavators and masts. Our company has also been certified according to DIN EN 15085-2 (granted by GSI SLV Halle) with the highest level of certification CL1 – which allows us to produce key components for railway vehicles.

Our goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers by supplying high quality products and services to the metal industry.  We achieve it by working with highly qualified staff (over 120 employees), professional engineers and by a customer centric approach. The company’s strategy is a dynamic growth and presence in domestic and foreign markets.

We are ready and prepared for any type od cooperation
– we would like to cordially invite you to contact our company.
Zbigniew Ładziński and Przemysław Ładziński

Polska Izba Konstrukcji Stalowych

Polska Izba Konstrukcji Stalowych