Railway industry

Our production facility holds DIN EN 15085-2 certificates with the highest level of certification (CL1), enabling the construction of key elements for railway machines. We produce also special purpose machines and devices according to the customer's needs. Pneumatically extracted superstructures for French railway or railway bogies.

15 grudnia 2014


Retractable platforms allow carrying out repair work for all types of rolling stock (railway), independently of their width. Platforms consist of a 6 meter modules. Each module is independent and extends to the proper  distance. In addition, when the working platform rests on the train, there is no danger of collapse on the workers. Also protected is the collapse of the tools or other objects on people below the platform – in accordance with all safety requirements.


An innovative solution with this type of platform is the use of  “Screw jacks”. This type of solution gives a smooth, fully controlled and steady motion – this significantly increases the safety of the service station employees. Another big advantage of this system is the simplicity of installation. The drives with “Screw jacks”are characterized by low noise and are more reliable than they were in the system with pneumatic drives.


The advantages of retractable platforms in the system „Screw Jacks”

  • – guaranteed safety on the roof of the rolling stock
  • – fall protection of technician / tools for people below the platform
  • – protection against the entry of unauthorized persons (barriers with electric strike)
  • – easy installation thanks to the use of „Screw Jacks”
  • – smooth, fully controlled motion of the platform, which eliminates the possibility of damage to the paint surface of the rolling stock.



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