We produce also other different construction such as: balconies (with supports, overhanging, balcony towers), air gates for energy industry, stair systems and aluminium bodies for fire engine.

26 maja 2013

pozostale We produce also light steel constructions, such as balconies (with supports, overhanging, balcony towers) and stair systems.

The picture presents the balcony tower. Galvanized and powder-coated elements; with fitted Trespa boards.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA We have experience in the production of aluminium bodies for fire engines. We have dedicated an additional workshop with the area of 1000 m2 for the production and assembly of these bodies.
Domki samojezdne Our company is specialized in the construction of elevator shaft segments and other shaft elements. The picture presents the final segment of a shaft (100m of total height).
We produce shutters (air gates) for technological systems (fume-extraction systems, air-ducts).


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