Dlaczego my?

Why choose us?

1. Reliable and trustworthy partner.

The Ładziński Group is a medium-sized industrial company and family run business with years of experience, that can vouch for its dependability and stability. Our company has been established since 1974. Our business which has been based on trust and long-term cooperation with foreign partners is the best proof that we are able to connect traditions with top-quality.

2. Extensive experience in the field of welded constructions

For over 40 years we are constantly gaining experience and improving our skills. Our long history is resulting in certifications such us:

ISO 9001, ISO 3834-2, ISO 1090, DIN EN 15085-2 (CL1)

We supply constructions for railway, mining, automotive and building industry. Our structures are often skeletons and the base for devices such as retractable platforms, mobile recycling machines, conveyor belts, bodies for fire engines, frameworks of mining machines or construction of large stores.

3. Long-term cooperation with foreign companies

Almost 90% of our production is „exported”. Our contractors come from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Benelux and Scandinavia. We understand and conform to the requirements of our international clients.

4. One partner from the beginning to the end

Although we mainly work on projects based on our customer’s specifications, we are able – with our own design offices – to design the structure, check it statically, produce it in our company and assembly it at the building site.

5. German know-how, Polish flexibility at a competitive price

Working for many years, mainly with German-speaking companies, we have acquired the know-how of foreign partners and maintain competitive prices.
Met deadlines and the quality of our services are the foundation, of every cooperation. When we add Polish ingenuity and ability to find the right solution we create unique value for the customer.

6. Communication and constant monitoring of projects.

Our engineers speak German and can lead the project from “beginning to end”. Our client has full awareness as to the progress of their project through our website. They also receive weekly updated progress reports.

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